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Absolute Black Oval Chainrings

Climb easier, pedal smoother & get less tired

Wait - there are options for chainrings?

Beyond using colored bolts to bling your bike, we specialize in elliptical chainrings. We have an original Durham Elliptical on a 1972 Mirella at the shop (it feels like a Stairmaster heading north back from downtown), but today we ride AbsoluteBlack chainrings for mountain and road. As AbsoluteBlack reminds everyone on their website, this isn’t the old Shimano BioPace.

Today's oval rings even out your torque output to the rear wheel. This makes climbing smoother, with less slipping and more altitude for your effort. Put two bikes side by side on gravel and you'll see the round ring spinning out the tire as it comes out of it's dead zone.

More professional riders are switching to elliptical chainrings from companies like AbsoluteBlack and Rotor. New elliptical rings make it easier to maintain good cadence and reduces impact on your knees. You will have smoother power output from your pedalling. Will you notice a difference? Only when you go back to a bike with a round chainring. Round rings will now feel odd and harder to pedal in nice circles.

Come talk to us about elliptical rings, we have rings for 1x and rings with shifting ramps for 2x drive trains.

Come see for yourself

We've partnered with Absolute Black to provide a number of oval chainrings for demo. Swing by the shop and we'll put a ring on your bike so you can take it for a test spin. Below is our list of demo rings. We may have a demo crank if yours is not compatible, depending on your bottom bracket compatibility.


Tune-Up One

Tune-Up Two

Tune-Up Three

$Price $Price $Price
Included Service Yes Yes Yes
Included Service Yes Yes Yes
Included Service Yes Yes Yes
Included Service  - Yes Yes
Included Service  -  - Yes
Included Service  -  - Yes