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About the Owners

Curt Johnson

Curt was born into biking. His parents owned a bicycle dealership that specialized in Schwinns, Cannondales and Raleighs. At age 5, Curt began racing BMX. He assembled his first bike at age 9 and has worked on bikes ever since. Chances are that if you live in the area, you’ve come across Curt, as he’s owned a home in Seminole Heights since 1998.

Geoff Hewett

As a member of the Gemini Racing Team, Geoff traveled the U.S. racing mountain bikes. A Certified Bicycle Technician and certified Shimano T.E.C., he began working on bikes professionally in 1999. He remains an avid mountain biker and is a daily bike commuter. Geoff says that owning a bike shop has been a lifelong dream.

Buddy, the Wonder Dog

Buddy is often on hand to help customers pick out a bike or to offer his opinion (hint: he loves everything and everyone!)